Before and After #3

Here’s a before and after of a scene that was shot outside, during the night, with a 600EX-RT mounted on my 5D Mark III. The background scene had Tungsten lighting. I could have used gel but I just didn’t have time for that since it was a quick shot in-between periods of rain. Needless to say the subjects were lit pretty well but the background had the orange color case due to the color temperature differences between the flash and the Tungsten lighting.

Here’s the before photo:

I think it’s a pretty good shot, but I think the orange background detracts from the image.

This is what I did to fix this image up. In Adobe Camera Raw, I first corrected the white balance for the subjects. I then opened it in Photoshop CS5. Then I went back to into Adobe Camera Raw again and this time I corrected the white balance for the background. I pasted this version in its own layer. Then I used the eraser tool to erase over the subjects.

Here’s what it looks like with the subject erased. I have the background layer hidden so that the erased area can be seen.

Here’s the final image with both layers visible and merged.

I think this looks much better and more natural. While I was at it, I used the liquify tool to slim down her arm for a more flattering image.

Here’a another before and after using the same technique.



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