Received first AsukaBook!

I finally received my first book from AsukaBook that I ordered a few weeks ago. It was a rather long wait but looking at the final product, I think it was definitely worth it! I ordered the Laminate Glossy version but while it looks great I can already tell it’s going to be a fingerprint magnet! So I think the next book I am going to order from them, I am going to choose the Laminate Matte version. You live and learn I suppose. This was going to be a gift for my in-laws so no harm no foul. I’m sure they will be very excited to see an album custom made just for them!

Album was delivered very well protected.

There was a pair of white gloves inside the box. I am assuming this is so you can handle the client’s book without leaving fingerprints. Nice touch!

The book itself came protected inside a semi-rigid plastic case.

Front cover. You can’t tell but it’s nice and glossy. (Oh and black, just to make the fingerprints stand out!)

Sleeve page.

Sample page.

Well, my wife wants to ship this to the in-laws tomorrow. So I waited 3 weeks for the book, spend 10 minutes to admire it then bam, it’s off to Japan! LOL!!!

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