Spring Shooting in NYC

Thursday and Friday were pretty spectacular days. Plenty of sun and tempuratures in the 70’s. I think Spring is here to stay! People crawled out of their dwellings and came out to play. I decided to take a stroll during lunch break and after work on both days to snap some of the scenery.

Central Park was nice and lively during lunch time on Thursday. I entered via the 6th Ave. entrance and made the loop around the Mall. This is my typical route when I go there to shoot during lunch. Usually takes about 1.5 hours. Hey, who’s keeping track of time right?

Blooming of the trees.

The usual musicians wailing away…

And of course a romantic moment over the Bow Bridge.

After work, I decided to walk to Times Square and then head towards Grand Central Terminal. Hopefully I lost a few pounds walking that much!

Time square was its usual crowded self.

Billboards everywhere…

You know it’s getting warm when this guy comes out to play…

Having had enough of the almost naked cowboy dude, I headed towards Grand Central Terminal. I always enjoy visiting the Terminal because of its interesting architecture and general atmosphere.

Lots of people waiting on line to get home!

What’s a visit to Grand Central Terminal without the token long exposure shot right?

The complete set can be seen here.

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